rethink how you customize minecraft


custom capes

Use any cape you want for free!

custom models

Attach custom 3D models to your player!

what it is

ReCape is a service that allows you to use any cape and attach custom 3D model to your player in Minecraft.

how it works

All you have to do is download the client, log in to your Minecraft account, install ReCape, and upload any capes or models you want! Then, log in to any Minecraft client with OptiFine, and you're good to go.

can other players see my stuff?

Any player who has ReCape installed and is using OptiFine can see any capes and cosmetics you're using.

the price

ReCape is completely free to use, and it'll stay tht way. If you want to support us, you'll soon be able to donate.

isn't this just cloaks+?

This project was started by DedFishy, who's actually the co-founder of Cloaks+ along with Medusa. At the moment, DedFishy#9021 and Medusa#3724 have Founder roles on the Cloaks+ Discord server. In case those get taken away, here's a screenshot. Since Cloaks+ got kind of stolen, we decided to redo it better.